Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm not the man . . .

I woke up pretty consumed with worry this morning. Worrying about our church. Are we going to grow in attendance? Are we going to grow financially? Am I going to continue getting paid? All the stuff that plagues a pastor if he allows it. I'll admit, during my bible reading time this morning I was allowing it and I was pretty distracted.

It was pretty cold out this morning and I almost didn't go out and walk the development and pray. Almost. But, I did bundle up and go out. And that's where God spoke to me.

"Jason, you're not the spiritual man you need to be to be the spiritual leader your church needs." True. The long and the short of it is that I'm about to enter into a season of growth in my life that will probably be like none I've ever seen. I'm not sure all it will entail, but I know it begins with fating.

I feel like something is beginning to break in me and I'm so grateful to God for His patience and grace with me. I'm looking forward to updating here as God speaks to me more and as growth takes place in me.


Miranda Kaye said...

Just give it all to God! You know that though, but it's hard to do sometimes.

Jason Fitch said...

Right you are Miranda. Thanks!