Friday, September 17, 2010

You know when you're home

I'm sitting home following HS football scores on twitter and on TV and thinking to myself, "Why do I care so much?" I mean, yeah I went to Union High School . . . through 10th grade. But I moved to PA then. My personal football career was mostly at Littlestown High School in PA. We even won a district championship my Junior year. So, why did I stop following the L-town Bolts the minute I graduated? The same reason I'm following the Union Redskins like I was some all-state football star back in the day . . . because I'm home. My home is Tulsa, Oklahoma. My home was never in PA. I always felt out of place and had a deep down desire to be back here. I'm so thankful that God asked me to come back to Tulsa to start Freedom Valley Church. I'll follow Him wherever He leads me, but I hope He lets me stay here for a good long time.

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