Sunday, September 19, 2010

best day yet!

Today was the best day yet in the life of Freedom Valley Church in Tulsa! Ok, we do have a short history, but that doesn't make me any less excited by what God did today. Just some highlights . . .
  • plenty of guests with us at church
  • many people who were guests last week were back this week
  • four people decided to start a relationship with Christ and many more responded to other ideas in the message today
  • our team rocked it out today - another week and we're beginning to own areas of ministry!
  • lots of kids and teens in church
Last week, our grand opening week, we had 102 people at church. It is pretty normal for that number to drop by 30-40% the second week, but God really drew people in today. We had 84 people there today! I'm very encouraged by that.

Just feeling really blessed and I want to recognize that God is working something very cool here.

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