Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Primal" book review

I just finished Mark Batterson's latest book, Primal. Man, every book the guy writes is better than the one before. In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day urged me to stay in ministry during some dark times, Wild Goose Chase inspired me to step into the world of church-planting and now Primal has dared me get to know my Creator on a level I've not yet known.

This book talks about the heart, the soul, the mind and the strength of Christianity. It is an absolute challenge. But it's not a challenge to do, which is what I normally respond to, but a challenge to be. To be a person who dares to journey deep into what it is to be a Christian. To be a person who knows God on a level that most of us don't even realize exists.

I'm a "doer". I guess I'm wired for action. So when one of my college professors proclaimed in a Theology class one day that the ultimate end for mankind is simply to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, it was easy for me to roll my eyes and wait for the class to be over. I think I'm starting to get it. And this book is helping me so much.

I'll end with a short passage from Primal. "Which do you love more: your dream or God? Do you love God for what He can do for you? Or do you love Him for who He is? In its purest, most primal form, loving God with all you heart, soul, mind and strength is loving God for God. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else." p. 165

I hope my local bookstore has a copy. I have one person in mind whom I want to get a copy to for Christmas. Beyond that, I'm asking my entire leadership team to read this book and I feel a real pull toward this as the teaching series as our church opens next Fall. Bottom line: buy this book. Read it. Devour it. Pass it on. Repeat.


Al Di Salvatore said...

Good word my friend... I love your practical wisdom, and honest heart. Im already getting ready to do a sermon from some parts of the book. Miss you friend, chase that lion in tulsa!

Jason Fitch said...

Miss you too Al. Great book, huh?