Saturday, November 28, 2009

somber day

It's hard to believe that I'm sitting in my office here at Freedom Valley York Rd after so many years and all I managed to pack up is 6 small boxes. Well, I've never been much of a pack rat.

In just about a week, our family will be rolling into Tulsa and unloading our stuff into our new home. It's seemed so far away for so long, I can hardly believe it's so close now.

I feel really somber today. These past few weeks has been a time of "last" or "last for a long time" events and the time is so near to actually go. I wondered, last night, why church planters never talk or write about what a heart-wrenching process it is for a family and their extended family and friends to part ways as they venture out across the country to plant the church God has called them to. All they ever say is, "In (insert the month and year) we moved to (insert city name)."

Let this church planter tell you right now, it's a whole lot more than that. My heart is heavy today for a lot of reasons, but my spirit is still jumping for what's in store.


Pat said...

Jason, I have been where you are and felt those mixed emotions, but be encouraged, where you're going will make where you have been so much more valuable. And, where you have been is the investment that made where you are going possible. They are inextricably linked. This is the pain of giving birth, but the joy of the new baby will soon cause today to fade into the distance.

Praying for you and your destiny.

Jason Fitch said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Pat! Bless you man!