Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gerry Stoltzfoos

I'm not the guy who keeps up with everyone's birthday, but I heard it was Gerry Stoltzfoos' birthday today!

Gerry, you have been a mentor to me like no one else and I think that is probably going to only increase in the years to come. You gently and patiently wait for me to figure out that many of my greatest ideas are . . . well, silly. But you let me learn it on my own. You bless me and empower me like no one else I know. Thank you so much.

Happy Birthday to my pastor, mentor and friend!

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Gerry Stoltzfoos said...

You are way too kind Jason. Thanks for being such a cool, Godly, and excellent team member. I love you so much! Sometimes there is a little fearful guy that crawls up in my heart and tells me it's over now that you are moving to the big T.