Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the pull up bar

Opportunities. We all want them. We all look for them. We all should be creating them for others.

I decided to walk on the outdoor track at the YMCA today, mostly because I can't stand breathing the stale, stinky air inside the building. As I made my way out to the track and started my first lap I noticed a lone pull up bar at the first turn. It was nothing impressive; made of 2x4s and a 1/2 inch metal bar wrapped in tape. Kind of gross, I guess.

Even though it was nothing impressive, I stopped a the first turn of my first lap and did five quick pull ups. I continued that cycle for the next five laps after that. So, in addition to my walk that I set out to take this morning, I did thirty pull ups that I would have otherwise never considered doing. Why? Because that lonely, gross pull up bar presented the opportunity.

Opportunities don't have to be perfect or even pretty, just available. How many opportunities am I offering people in my circle to be stretched, grow and do things they would not otherwise consider? How many of these same opportunities are you offering to people in your circle?

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