Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tulsa - Part 2

It's 4:36pm CST and we're pretty wiped from a day of prayer, fasting and exploration of a new city God has called us to. We explored three main parts of the city: south central Tulsa, Broken Arrow and the south hills/riverside area. I was thinking that these three would be three very distinct communities, but it doesn't feel that way after our day checking out all three. This is a good thing in the development of our vision.

We connected with Jordan Kelly, an old friend and current student at Rhema Bible Training Center. He is very excited about working on our launch team. We also found a very interesting pick up that Jake is considering buying (see picture).

We are inching closer and closer to a name for this new church, but we're not ready to let he cat out of the bag yet. After we rest for a little longer, we'll find some dinner and get to work on some boot camp pre-work and a strategy session. Enjoy the pictures. Daniel is our photographer and is doing a great job!

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