Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The theme of thanksgiving rolls on. As I drove my twin boys to school this morning, I was thumbing through songs on my i-pod and came across Wires (track 5 on the artist page) by Athlete. This is a song that was written from a father's point of view as his premature baby spends his first days in the hospital precariously holding to life hooked up to every wire and tube you can imagine.

My twins, Colin and Liam, (born 8 weeks premature), were hooked to those wires. As I drove my strong, healthy 5 year old boys to school today, all the intensity, desperation and thankfulness of those 28 days in the hospital came rushing back over me. I cried as I watched them play with their batman toys and just be perfect little boys. The final line of the song, "looking at you now, you would never know" just fit so well.

I can't help but think that God looks at us and cries as He considers how we all once held precariously to a life that was far outside His plan for us. I'm so thankful for my boys. I'm so thankful that "looking at me now, you would never know" where I came from. God is so good and so gracious.


Andre said...

Athlete is a favorite of mine. Great post Jay. "You would never know..."

Freedom Valley Sermons said...

great stuff from you lately Jason....really awesome stuff

Freedom Valley Sermons said...

sorry i didn't know i was in Freedom Valley...this is Addison