Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vision Day 09

We did our church vision day yesterday and I think it was one of the best ones yet. The focus and synergy that I felt in the room was really great. I suppose that I may have thought it was great because I was on the team that worked up the points of vision that were our primary focus, but I think I'm gauging the room correctly when I say that there were forty leaders in one accord yesterday embarking on a vision that is much larger than any of us individually or even collectively. I believe we are onto a vision that is so large and “out there” that only God can make it happen. Of course we can get in the way and keep it from happening pretty easily. I'm trying hard to examine myself this morning. What areas of my life are sloppy and open to giving a foothold to evil? And what am I going to do about that? These are my questions today. Our Freedom Valley vision for 09 is below:

  1. kick off "cluster planting" idea

  2. hope initiative

  3. develop ministry school

  4. new staff opportunities

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