Tuesday, January 13, 2009

journal entry

This is just a copy and paste from my journal entry today. Please join me in praying for Gavin and his family and friends . . .

January 13, 2009 – I just finished my bible reading for the morning. It was in Psalms. I was thinking how much more I would probably be focused on God if I didn't have TV or INTERNET and all that stuff. David wrote about his reflections on the majesty of the stars that God had put in place with His own hand. I rarely think those kinds of thoughts, but I want to and ask, Lord, that I would be gently reminded of your majesty more and more through my days on earth. I just got a text that Gavin died when they brought him out of the coma. I feel sick about it. The spirit of suicide is among the most despicable I know. I have my ordination interview today and I'm feeling pretty good about it. This week feels too full already and Sara is going out of town Friday-Sunday. Lord, please calm my soul today. Well, off to the gym to meet Justin and Frank . . . maybe.

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