Monday, October 13, 2008

weekend update

This weekend was interesting. We met some friends from Annapolis and went to the National Apple Harvest Festival in Arendtsville. Wow, I can mark that off the "to do" list in the future. We waited in a 1 hour traffic jam to park. Then we took a shuttle from the parking lot to the festival (with 5 kids and 3 strollers). Once we finally arrived, we navigated the shoulder to shoulder foot traffic for a few hours and it was back to the shuttle . . . the kids were really good, but it would have been just as fun for them and 100 times less stress on us parents if we would have taken them to McDonald's playland. Anyhow, we wont be attending the Apple Harvest Festival anytime soon. Did I mention there was very little that had to do with apples?

Sunday was better. We went to church in the morning and my parents took the three older boys with them from church to ride the old historic train in G-burg. They loved it and I got a few relaxing hours with my baby, Jude. It was really special time with him. I even got to take a nap and watch the NFL Today. It's been a long time since those things have happened.

Today is a day off and I welcome that. It's a day off from work, but the kids will keep it from being a restful day. This fatigue of child rearing is really deep down. No wonder Dr. Phil does not recommend having multiple small children at once. We have four boys who are five years old or under. I love them and my wife dearly. I feel deeply fatigued, but deeply satisfied and blessed.

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