Tuesday, July 15, 2008

so cynical

Today is almost certainly my last full work week before my 4th little man enters this world. Whenever I think of the phrase "enters the world", I think of all the scared and short-sighted people I hear who say things like, "I'd never want to bring a kid into this messed up world". Well, that's not much of a solution to our messed up world.

I read a blog of an old friend this morning and the writing was really good. But I couldn't enjoy the good writing because the attitude behind it was so cynical. It was the exact same attitude about life that I used to carry and it really struck me how far God has brought me in the last 14 years since I've slowly (way too slowly) turned my life over to Him. I used to be that person who did not trust and thought everyone and everything was fake. I guess the truth was that I was a fake.

Lord, let me remember each day that the things I despise in others are the very things at work in me.

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