Saturday, December 29, 2018

If you've ever failed at goal-setting, you will relate to this . . .

Your normal goal-setting process in 5 easy steps:

  1. Oh crap, it's almost Jan 1.   I better set some goals.
  2. Take a few minutes and write down some "goals" - either way too big or way too small (equally pointless)
  3. Have no follow-up plan 
  4. Either accomplish all your goals or give up by January 30 (see #2)
  5. Make self-deprecating social media posts about your failure followed by the crying smiley face
Sound familiar?  Why do we do this?  I'll tell you why.  Because we don't know any better.  Well, I want you to know there is a better way.  A much better way.  

How about these 5 easy steps instead:  
  1. Gain perspective on your present state.  How are things now?
  2. Create a vision for your future.  How do I want things to be?
  3. Set your goals.  How do I want things to look this time next year?
  4. Create your action steps.  What do I have to do now to start the process?
  5. Find who will help you succeed.  Who will help me get there?
If you can answer the 5 questions above, 2019 will be your best year ever.  I want to help you get there.  Click right here for more info.

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