Monday, January 19, 2015

Self-control, where were you?

I've made some good changes for my health recently.  Changes that, I believe, will be life-long.   The biggest has been changes in my eating.  Yesterday was going great until those pizzas showed up at my place during the fights.  Self-control, where were you?

This morning, I'm feeling a guilty about what I ate last night.  I'm also feeling bad, physically. But, the great thing about this morning is that I'm feeling like I might have learned a lesson. Normally, I would use a pizza binge as a green light to give up.  Quite the opposite now.  I think I'll be stronger and more disciplined the next time I'm faced with food temptation like that.

The victory in it all?  I did NOT eat any of the cupcakes that came with the pizza.  And I AM about to go get my butt on the treadmill.  Make this a great week!

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