Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Challenge of Being Blessed

My wife and I have been reveling, lately, in the fact that we're into a season of life that is carrying significant blessings with it.  It finally feels like things are calming down a bit and we can focus on something beside mere survival.  That's a great feeling.

But there is a challenge to a season of blessing and calm too.  It is, of course, that the crisis that drove me to reliance on God is not there any longer.  It's amazing, insidious and scary how the very thing you beg God for - direction, stability, blessing, whatever - can become your (g)od shortly after (G)od blesses you with it.

I know you know this.  You knowing it is not the point.  We all know lots of things we ignore.  We all know that poor eating and exercise habits lead to obesity and poor health, but . . . you get the picture.  This is not as simple as knowledge.  The step beyond knowledge is awareness.  The step beyond that is action.

This morning, God is giving me awareness that He is God and I ought to pursue Him accordingly.  That is more of a blessing than all other blessings combined.

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