Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A hole in the family . . .

It's Tuesday morning and our three oldest boys have been at camp since Sunday afternoon.  They get back tomorrow afternoon.  I know it's not a long time and I'm not missing them to the point of being sick about it.  I just miss them.

But beyond just missing their cool little personalities, it's strange how there is a huge hole in our family this week.  Although we're enjoying it - it's so much quieter, so much less cluttered and so easy to say yes to one kid instead of four - it feels so odd to have such low energy and low noise in our house.

It just reminds me how very blessed we are to have each and every part of the family God has blessed us with.  I love how God teaches new lessons and reminds me of old ones through everyday circumstances - both good and bad.  I'm a blessed man . . . and I am just a little more aware of how much this morning.

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