Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Declare a New Season in Our House

Do you ever feel a new season beginning?  I think I sense that right now for my family.  School is out.  Employment is steady.  We're part of a church we love.  The dust and noise of the last four years is beginning to settle.  In the last year, Sara and I have both gained weight and gotten out of the healthy habits we both love.  On top of all the stuff I listed above, she and I started a 21-day fast together yesterday and it just feels significant.  I mean really significant.  I think we're in the process of breaking some nasty cycles - cycles of fear, cycles of regret, cycles of treating food like a god, cycles of impatience with our kids . . . I'm sure there are more.  I feel a new season and I'm so very thankful for it this morning.


Gerry Stoltzfoos said...

Im very happy for you Jason! I love you and look forward to all the seasons of your life. You are a born winner and I am proud to know you.

Jason Fitch said...

Thanks Gerry! I appreciate all you've poured into me over the years and miss you like crazy. I would LOVE it if our paths circled back around and crossed again.