Monday, April 30, 2012

She's with me

I love my wife, Sara.  In 24 days we celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary.  I've heard a lot of people talk about how challenging marriage is and has been.  That hasn't been my experience.  Marriage has been wonderful and relatively easy.  And I know it's almost completely because I am so blessed and lucky to have married such a wonderful woman.  

I, on the other had, have been a handful at times.  I've been impulsive, arrogant, immature and overly-emotional. There have been seasons where I've put her through more than anyone should have to endure.  But she's always been with me.  Always.

The lyrics to this song below make me think of how she's stood with me no matter what challenges we have faced together and no matter what challenges I've create all on my own.  She's with me.  

You and me me and you
Where you go i'll go too
I'm with you i'm with you
'til your heart finds a home
I won't let you feel alone
I'm with you i'm with you with you

Thank you Sara.  I'm with you.  Always.

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