Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 4 of 21 - Agreement with God

Bible Reading Plan: Luke 3

Prayer Focus: Pray today that you can walk in agreement with God and
enjoy the life He desires you to have in Christ.

"I believe firmly, that the moment our hearts are emptied
of pride and selfishness and ambition and self seeking, and
everything that is contrary to God’s law, the Holy Ghost
will come and fill every corner of our hearts; but if we are
full of pride and conceit, and ambition and self seeking, and
pleasure and the world, there is no room for the Spirit of
God; and I believe many a man is praying to God to fill
him when he is full already with something else. Before we
pray that God would fill us, I believe we ought to pray
Him to empty us." —D. L. Moody

You can download your own Awakening Devotional guide right here.  Enjoy.

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