Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HUGE change in perspective . . . makes all the difference

It's a great week to be alive and living out the calling God's placed on your life!  Some stuff I want to celebrate, first:
  • Last Saturday we held the first (of many, I hope) wedding at our church - love to be able to bless people like that
  • This weekend we get to hold "Fall Fest" at Jefferson Elementary, a Friends Day at church and dedicate children to the Lord  - all in the same weekend.  I'm very excited about what God is working on.  And I'm glad He's letting us help with it.
  • Your prayers (and personal communication from some of you) have really given me a breakthrough in my own spirit.  Circumstances that really had me worried and down have not changed much, but God has blessed me with a very new perspective.  I'm really learning and experiencing gratefulness, faith and satisfaction on a level I've never touched before.  
Where my prayers are focused this weekend:
  • Fall Fest - Saturday is Fall Fest at Jefferson Elementary and we should be able to love and serve hundreds of kids and their families.  I'm praying for good weather, a great turnout, and Holy Spirit driven connections with people who need Jesus in their lives.
  • Friends Day - I can feel the excitement in our church.  This Sunday is the first Friends Day we've held in a while.  I'm praying for  a record turnout, hearts to be prepared as people invite friends this week, and that many of those people who come as guests will find a relationship with Jesus and His church that will never fade away.
  • Month End - Thank God October has five Sundays, because this has been our church's poorest income month ever - so far.  But, it's not over yet.  At this moment, we are way short of making budget.  But like Is said, I'm not worried.  I'm actually excited to see what God is going to do to meet and exceed our needs.  Wow, what a difference approaching something like this from a faith perspective instead of desperation. 
I believe that our prayers are powerful this week.  I can't wait to tell you how God came through in all these areas really soon!  Thank you again. I love all of you so much!

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