Thursday, September 1, 2011

one prayer this week

Sorry for the delay on my post this week. I delayed on purpose because I was fighting some huge battles - some in my mind, some I believe are spiritual. I was feeling pretty vulnerable and was on a bit of a roller coaster Sun-Tues. Truthfully, I don't believe I was thinking very clearly, so I didn't want to fire off some crazy email when I was in that state :) Thanks for your patience.

I'm asking for one prayer from you this week. For guidance from God. I know that sounds way too vague, but I'm not ready to share the details yet. I think by next week I will be. I know that God is preparing me for a big step of faith (not leaving Tulsa or anything like that), but one that will add tremendous strength and momentum to my life and the life of our church. So, for now, can you just pray that God will speak very clearly to Sara and I about our next step in the process He has us on. I appreciate you so much. Thank you!

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