Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm praying about . . .

Thanks so much for your prayers lately.  I do, truly, feel like you're partnering with me!

Here's what's going on that you can pray with me about:

  • Work Change - The big thing I was praying about last week was whether to pull back from work at the hospital.  Sara and I decided together that I am going to go to a part-time (on call) status at the hospital.  This will be a significant cut in hours and pay for me and I have no earthly plan to make up the gap.  This is not my normal m.o. but I feel directed by God to go out even further on a limb.  I'm asking God to provide what I can't for my family.
  • Physical Health - Not coincidentally, I've been really struggling with health too.  I was out sick on Friday, had a killer headache on Sunday morning and this morning I pinched a nerve in my neck.  I can't even turn my head right now.  Lots of pain and at least part of a day of work missed again today.  I'm praying for healing in my body today.
  • Family Faith - Sara and I are taking a big step in faith right now.  Just because we're taking it, does not mean it's easy.  Will you please pray that God will increase our faith in Him?
  • Church Jump - We have a big day this weekend at church.  It's the Grand Opening of our new building.  We are expecting to have a larger than normal crowd, but I'm asking God to add very significantly to our church - long term.  Not just a big crowd for a day, but people who are impacted to His Kingdom and stay connected to our church and to Jesus.
Thanks for your prayers.

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