Tuesday, August 16, 2011

thoughts and prayers after a week off

Sorry I missed you last week, but it was really important to me to have a week that was totally disconnected. It was great :) I'm really refreshed and full of vision. Love feeling this way. I also want to brag on our leadership team. The last two Sundays were the first time I was out since our church started and both weeks went fantastic. I was so pleased and proud watching the videos of our team in action.

Here are some areas I'm focusing my prayers on this week:

  • Getting closer - I think I'm getting closer to coming back to full-time ministry. I am so ready and have grown so much this year that I think I can lead so much better and add so much more value to our church than I ever have before. Just believing that I'll be working back in the center of my calling very soon.
  • Big Fall - I'm really excited about this Fall at Freedom Valley. We have our one year anniversary and building grand opening on September 11 and some good outreach initiatives coming up. We have seen steady growth through the summer and I think we will see some significant church growth this Fall and I welcome it!
Thanks so much for your prayers.

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