Monday, July 25, 2011


Just want to thank you for your prayers! We moved into our new building yesterday. It was one of the most exciting and most exhausting days I've had in a while! On that note, our church is really gaining momentum. We are growing through the dead of the summer! We saw another three people start a relationship with Jesus yesterday - that's like 10 this month! Also want you to know that Collin (the homeless man we were praying for a couple weeks back) is doing very well in the Freedom House in Gettysburg. Here are some areas I would love to have your prayers in this week:

  • Strength - I'm stretched physically and spiritually way further than I ever have been before. There are times when I feel like I might break. I'm just asking God to give me what I need to thrive and grow through this season of life.
  • Sara - My wife, Sara, has been struggling to get good sleep this week. She is also praying for a job that she really wants to come open for this coming school year. I am praying with her. Would you too?
  • Vacation - I have a week of vacation coming up in a couple weeks. I've never felt like I needed it more. I'm looking for some serious refreshing to happen that week.
  • My Team - You have no idea how incredible our leadership team at Freedom Valley is. There are a bunch of people working their tails off to make our church thrive. I know some of them are feeling really taxed. My prayers are especially focused on them today.

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