Monday, June 13, 2011

What I'm praying this week

Some prayers you can pray with me this week:
  • I want to be more dependent on God - This morning, as I read God's Word, I'm very aware of how dependent I am on the work I do and how little I depend on God. I have a new desire in my heart this morning to be more dependent on God. Would you pray that my heart desire becomes a reality more and more in my life.
  • Building lease - The owner of the building we would like to lease is working on writing up the lease this week. We hoped we would have it signed by now. I am praying that we definitely have a signed lease by the end of the week.
  • Funding plan - The building we are moving into is a former church building so it is built-out almost exactly how we want it. That's great news because that means we don't need to do any costly renovations. We do, however, have a decent amount of equipment we need to get hold of to outfit the building to be a full-time ministry center. (building deposit, chairs for the auditorium, sound treatment on some walls, paint, upgraded projection, kids ministry supplies, storage cabinets, etc) Our team has estimated that we need to raise just about $20,000 by then end of August. If you have any experience with moving a church from one location to another, you know this is a HUGE bargain. Nonetheless, it's a significant amount of money to raise in a short time. Will you pray that God gives us a great plan to make this happen?
  • I'm asking God to get back to work - Yes, I know I've only been working at the Hospital for about 5 weeks. I'm just asking God to make a way for me to get back to giving my first and best thoughts and efforts to Freedom Valley. I felt like God wanted me to take a job outside the church for a couple reasons (break me of a fear I had about being a bi-vocational pastor, get focused on the most important things, provide for my family :) . . . and I will do what I have to for as long as I have to. I'm just asking God to put things in place that will allow me to get back to focusing on church ministry solely.
Thank you so much for your partnership. I love you guys!

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