Monday, May 23, 2011

Here's what I'm thinking this week . . .

Thanks for your continued prayers! This past week was a good one. I'm getting used to the new schedule with the second job. I'm pretty tired, but getting used to it. We also had a good weekend with a solid crew volunteering at McAuliffe Elem on Friday and Sunday at church with 99 people for Friends Day!

Some areas to pray about with me this week:
  • Schedule - I'm still getting used to this new schedule. It's really helping me overall, but I'm very tired right now and I could use your prayers for energy and focus through this transition period.
  • Tuesday Night Planning - I am meeting with a few people on Tuesday night to nail down our Sunday morning teaching plans for the summer. Can you pray with me that we will be guided by the Holy Spirit as we make those plans.
  • Building Search - We are continuing our search for a new church location. There are a couple possibilities that we hope to take a look at this week. I want to be aggressive and patient at the same time. I'm believing that God will show us the right one and give us a ton of favor with the pricing and terms.
  • New opportunities to serve - I'm asking God to give us the perfect opportunities to serve the people of Tulsa this Summer. There are a thousand things we could do. I'm looking for the ones we should do.

Thanks for your prayers!

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