Tuesday, October 12, 2010

how to drop some weight

Simple. When the weight of the world is on your shoulders it's because you have decided to take it on. If I'm carrying more than I can handle, it's really me saying that I don't trust God with it.

"No, God, you just step back. I've got this." Ridiculous, but I do it way too much. We all do.

Let's drop some weight today. It's an act of your will. You control your will. It does not control you. Whatever you're worried about, give that thing over to God - right now.


Josh Ploch said...

I think I just need to read this every morning. And sometimes after lunch.

Jason Fitch said...

you and me both dude

Miranda Kaye said...

Totally have been telling myself and my friends this for the past month lol.

Jason Fitch said...

I tell myself everyday Miranda. Sometimes it works, sometimes I'm too hard-headed :)