Sunday, September 26, 2010

How we "fixed" our subwoofer

Well, just a few weeks in, we're having some equipment issues . . . kind of. This morning one of our sub-woofers was rattling around like crazy. It sounded like crap. So, like any good audiophiles, we tore it apart this evening (who needs an authorized service center) and looked for what was rattling around. We just refused to believe that we blew the drivers out already. Well, we couldn't find anything. Our (my) conclusion? Blown drivers.

But thank God for Jake Lewis. He refused to believe it. He still thought something was stuck inside the speaker making the awful sound. Guess what? He finally found the small steel marble that my 2-year-old son Jude probably dropped in there on Saturday when that speaker was sitting in my garage during some maintenance on other equipment. As it turns out, that little marble will stick to the magnet on the back of the driver and once the bass tones hit, it rattles and makes the loudest, most horrific sound you can imagine. Lesson learned. Don't insert steel marbles into the air ports on your sub-woofer. Wow, you sure do learn a lot when you plant churches :)

Hey, know what else? We had 96 people at church this morning and 5 people began a new relationship with Jesus! Too cool.

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vfc said...

way to go, Sub woofer, and especially new family