Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sitting in the mess

I went home for breakfast this morning after the gym and while I was eating my wife was sweeping the kitchen floor. Having 4 little boys eating their meals there, you can imagine how big of a mess gets generated. So, Sara had quite a pile of dirt, cheerios, bread and a few other assorted goodies, when our little guy Jude toddled over and sat right in the middle of the pile!

I was about to banish him to the living room so Sara could finish her task when she shared an insight with me that rocked me a bit. She recalled how our middle son, Ethan, used to do the same thing when he was younger and how she used to get very frustrated, but God used that to teach her a lesson.

God taught her (and me today) that we do the same thing these babies do. We sit right in the middle of the mess while God is trying to clean it up! If we would just keep our hands out of it and stop trying to solve problems that God would be happy to solve for us, we would be less frustrated and have fewer problems. Great lesson. Thanks Sara. Thanks God.


Ashley said...

Wow, that's awesome...that really spoke to me. I love how God uses our children to each us

Alisa Rife said...

Awesome indeed!!! Thanks! =]