Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I feel like this week has had it's share of tests and trials. I hope to write some more about some of the latest in our Countdown to Launch blog later today.

As I write in my hotel room in Tulsa at 4:30am, I feel humbled by God. I prayed yesterday that God would make me into the man I need to be to lead His church the way He has planned for me to lead. I guess it would be nice if God just did some kind of internal transformation and I was just a better, kinder, more Godly person. Sure, that could happen, but I've not seen that happen very often. More often, much more, I see God turn me toward Him by allowing challenges to come my way and build my character.

This week I've been challenged. Some of the biggest challenges I've faced could have been averted with a bit of wisdom on my part. Although I didn't identify it until now, God has revealed some new levels of pride in my heart. I can feel those levels being stripped away. It's doubtless that there are more, but for now I'm thankful for the work God is doing in me.

So, I feel a mixture of sadness and joy this morning. I'm just beginning to understand Paul's mindset as he counted his many trials in serving the Lord pure joy. More than anything, I'm thankful and humbled.

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