Friday, July 24, 2009


Some reflections from my bible reading this morning . . .

Job 8:11-15
“Can papyrus reeds grow tall without a marsh?
Can marsh grass flourish without water?
12 While they are still flowering, not ready to be cut,
they begin to wither more quickly than grass.
13 The same happens to all who forget God.
The hopes of the godless evaporate.
14 Their confidence hangs by a thread.
They are leaning on a spider’s web.
15 They cling to their home for security, but it won’t last.
They try to hold it tight, but it will not endure.

I'm in such a time of uncertainty; limbo, if you will. This truth of relying on God 100% is all I can lean on now. It's the recurring theme I see in Scripture and the recurring word God speaks to me in my own heart and through other people who are close to me. God is teaching me a new level of trust in Him as I move away from all my comfortable settings.

Job 12:5
5 People who are at ease mock those in trouble.
They give a push to people who are stumbling.

It's so easy to become the "righteous judge" of those around us. Lord, help me to do this less. Please bless me with more compassion and grace.

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