Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the keystone state

Last Sunday in church I shared a quick story about the civil war and how the tide turned here in SC PA. I think God is turning the tide again and SC PA is again the epicenter. Below is an e-mail I received about this from Herb Gladhill. He says it perfectly. Enjoy . . .

Hi Jason
Liked your Andy Andrews story. I must have heard the same story on PBS.
It sure did make me think when I saw Andy Andrews tell it on tape.
You just never know how your life affects someone else. I think that many a battle is won or lost on the words or actions of one person. All it takes is someone brave enough to speak up and move in the right direction.
Most people are looking for good leaders to follow.
The way I see it you have three choices in life.
1. You can be a good leader
2. You can be a good follower
3.Or you can get out of the way
Of course being a good leader yourself, you already know this.
I think that Pennsylvania is not called the Keystone state for nothing. I feel the battle lines are drawn. We MUST WIN in Adams county and Pennsylvania. The rest of the U.S.A. will follow.
Catch ya later

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Alisa Rife said...

This was awesome! So true. It certainly is a hole big world to reach. I feel so small.