Friday, May 15, 2009

put your money where your mouth is

I've been really impacted by some reading I've done lately and God talking to me about how I see other people. Do I really love my neighbor as myself? Certainly not yet, but I've been looking for more opportunities to be a blessing to people. Jake Lewis and I had a conversation a few weeks back about how there are always people in need if our eyes are open looking for them.

Today I did a decent job managing my schedule which gave me almost 3 solid hours to finish up the short talk I'll give at the GMC graduation ceremony this Sunday night. As I was on my way to my favorite place to get that type of solitary work done, I saw a hitchhiker with a huge pack on his back making his way down RT.30.

To make a long story short, I got to drive a dear man named Michael to the bus station in York, I did not get one minute of work done for Sunday evening's talk and I feel like I accomplished a great deal today. At least Matthew 25:31-40 would lead me to believe so.


Jacob Lewis said...

Yes! I believe if we begin to listen to the whispers of God more often, we will find our selves getting a lot less of our own work done.

SusanCnett said...

Yet, somehow, when we do God's work first He usually helps us get our own work done in less time.

Yet, in spite of all the times I have witnessed that in my life, I still frequently fail to remember that when faced with a long "to do" list.

I am sooooo slow to learn! Thanks for the reminder!