Wednesday, May 13, 2009

crazy love

I first saw Francis Chan's Crazy Love on a vendor's table at youth convention in April and my first thought was that it was one of those flaky emerging church things, so I paid it no mind. It was not long after that I heard an interview with Francis Chan on a Catalyst Podcast. There was something to the guy. Something very genuine and humble that really drew me to him.

I just finished Crazy Love. I'm not going to say it changed my life . . . yet. It sure contains principles that would change my life if I act on even a few of them. But then again, so does the Bible. One thing I'm beginning to feel very deeply in my spirit is this. What I've been calling Christianity for the last 15 years has probably been about what I was capable of living out until now, but God is calling me to a new level (maybe 2 new levels) in the way I personally live out my life. This is shaping some of the vision that is developing for Freedom Valley Tulsa as well. It's exciting when God challenges you and is moving you to higher levels.

I would recommend Crazy Love to anyone interested in serving Christ.

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