Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tulsa - Part 5

Today was probably our most tiring and most productive day yet! We met 2 new friends today who both confirmed the calling we believe God has on us here in Tulsa, OK.

We started the day with our normal planning session at Starbucks, which is another location of our church office now :) - I've included a picture of our "conference table" outside the store.

Next we met Eddie Stephens from's Owasso Campus for lunch and he was so helpful with our questions of culture and style in Tulsa. He was also very encouraging to us and helped us see another level to God's calling us to Tulsa, of all places.

After lunch, we hit the long road (see picture) to Oklahoma City to visit with our AG district office, more specifically Lindell Warren, the district director of Missions and Men's Ministries. He asked a few questions and I shared my story with him and why we feel called to Tulsa and what we feel called to do and he was pretty blown away that a bunch of people would uproot their lives and move across the country. It was a very positive meeting and I found myself (still feeling it) in awe of the Holy Spirit giving us favor and "plowing a path" for this church to launch very successfully next year.

We closed the night out with Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope. It was classic Dave Ramsey - just awesome. I was tweeting quotes all night. I also knocked out 40 emails during the event (loving the smart phone). Well, I guess that is about all for the report on today.

So, this trip is about closed up. I gave the guys (and myself) tomorrow morning off. We did a tremendous amount of work and need a morning off before we travel back to PA. Daniel and Jake could not be better partners in ministry or better friends. I love those men like brothers.

If you are at all interested in seeing if you may fit into God's plan that is developing in Tulsa (and I think many of you may), please make every effort to attend the information meeting I'm holding at my home this Sunday, April 26 @ 6pm. / 87 Elk Drive, Hanover, PA 17331 /If you come, try and bring some food to share with everyone. I'll be sharing, photos, stories, vision and my expectations, should you decide to join our launch team. It's just an info meeting, so coming does not commit you to anything in any way. Hope I see some of you on Sunday.

Thanks for the prayers over the last few days. They have truly moved mountains!

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