Friday, April 10, 2009

can you still feel the butterflies?

I'm at the Penn-Del Youth Convention. I've been at this thing every year since 1995. That's quite a few in a row. It's amazing to me how different my perspective is as seasons change in my life. This year, presumably my last for a while, feels strange. Even though I don't enjoy youth convention and have not for quite a few years, it's still been a staple in my life. And that is changing. I'm comfortable here. I know just about everybody. I lost my ID tag with my name on it, so they gave me a VIP All Access pass to replace it. Bottom line. There is no challenge here. I don't approach this with butterflies like I used to. No wonder God is calling me to something that seems like more than I could really handle. The butterflies are back. Good thing I serve a big God who cares more about a church plant in Tulsa than I do. I'm going to need all the help I can get, God.

Rambling of a man who got about 1 hour of sleep last night over.

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