Tuesday, March 3, 2009

let's say yes

I spent the day at Valley Forge Christian College today, my alma mater. Well, actually, I'm still there. I'm on hour 14 of my day and it's catching up with me about now. But, my fatigue is not what I'm writing about today. Let me reflect on one part of our day today.

We met this morning with Phil McLeod, Vice President of academic affairs, and we pitched a new and aggressive plan to enhance VFCC's church planting major with a 1 year track that students would do in Gettysburg to be educated in some intense and hands on church planting education. After the initial pitch was over, I was bracing myself for Phil to tell us all the reasons we could not do what we were proposing. To my great surprise, he not only said it was a great idea, but also suggested other ways we could enhance our efforts to raise up and train church planters. Bottom line. He looked for a way (multiple ways) to say yes. I want to be one to say yes. Seth Godin wrote about this recently too. You can read it here. It really applies.

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