Friday, January 2, 2009

Personal Vision

These are my goals for the year. The headings I used are just for my personal classification. I know that some of the stuff blurs into a couple areas. I'm posting these to ask you to pray with me and hold me accountable if you so choose. I hope and pray that God is building vision in each of you as this year begins.

Spiritual Health

Read the entire bible
Read 12 books that contribute to my personal growth
Read 4 books that are pure entertainment
Go on 2 personal prayer retreats (at least 6 hours in length, each)

Personal Health

Complete 500 miles on the treadmill, outdoors or on the elliptical trainer
Bench press 300 lbs.
Squat 350 lbs
15% body fat
Complete a 24-hour juice fast on the first of each month
Complete one 48-hour juice fast during the year
Complete one 40-day fast during the year


A date per month with Sara
A date per month with the boys
Fully funded emergency fund ($7500)
Complete will by the end of January
Be moved into our new home by the end of the year (pure faith, no plan)


Enroll in MA program in some type of leadership
Develop a leader who directly oversees each facet of student ministry
Have 5 church planters who I am actively coaching

1 comment:

shawna lewis said...

wow, j! what a list! go for it, go for it..