Thursday, January 29, 2009

gotta get away

Have you ever had God nag you? God is nagging me right now. He has been for a couple weeks now. It's all about me spending some solitary time alone with Him. I can't help but think that my draw to this has been brought on by my reading of "The Shack" (see an earlier blog post). But it's not just that I want this time, like I said, God is nagging me for this. I can only imagine what He wants to do in me. I feel a little nervous about it, to be honest.

So, I think that I'm looking for about a day and a half where I'm completely removed from all the normal stuff and can just focus on God and myself and see what happens. It feels important to me that I choose the right place for it. I'm thinking that I'll leave early on a Thursday morning, stay overnight Thursday and return early Friday afternoon. I wouldn't mind if I had to drive a couple hours each way either. If you know of a place that may suit what I'm looking for without me having to spend a ton of money, leave a comment or let me know somehow. Beyond that, I'd ask you to pray with me. I think God has something important in mind, but I just don't know what.


SPADE said...

Maybe you could try just going to a cheap motel in york or gettysburg.
I would think that it would be best if you could avoid a room with cable or even a tv. I would also suggest leaving your computer at home and keeping your phone off or on vibrate. Maybe bring a cd player and some worship music, but the fewer distractions the better.

How much "solitude" do you get with God? Perhaps what you need is a more regular time with God and nothing else.I know how hard finding real "solitude" can be when you have kids and a very busy schedule.

Charity said...

Have you thought about Camp Eder? You wouldn't have to drive far. Plenty of woods. I have no idea how expensive it is.