Friday, December 5, 2008

Live from Houston Texas

I must be honest. I thought Houston was going to be a little bit nicer of a city. Maybe south Houston, where we are, is the bad part, but it's downright nasty.

With that said, I'm very excited for the second (and final) day of Multiplicity. With a full night's sleep under my belt I'm more focused and energized than ever.

I miss my precious family very much. It's the worst when I'm out somewhere, like a restaurant, and I see a family with little kids the same age as mine. I saw these two little ones at Quizno's yesterday and I wanted to go and scoop them up. Glad I didn't. That would have been weird and I would have been blogging from a Houston jail cell, most likely. But anyway, love on my family for me today if you get a chance.

I'll update via twitter through the day.


adam ritter said...

no. that's pretty much the houston.

Drim said...

you have to leave the city and get to the suburbs to get anything nice...