Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm not a big fan of exams, but I have a big one coming up next week. I'll be taking my exam to up my level of ministerial credentials with the AG from licensed to ordained. I've been studying for a few hours this afternoon and it's really draining on me. I'm not much of a theology guy, but I do get the importance. My exam is next Friday at 11am, so I'd appreciate your prayers. I have several large blocks of time in the next week set aside to study, so I guess I better get used to this feeling I have today. Bring on the coffee.

On a more exciting note, I just got a couple great nuggets regarding church planting process from my friend Nick Poole at APC in Pittsburgh. Well, almost time to go home.

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Nick said...

hey jason - thanks for the shout out!! i hope you do well on the test. i took my ordination test a couple years ago and it's not as bad as you would think!