Sunday, July 20, 2008

great weekend

This weekend was great family time.

Saturday we took a trip to Hollabaugh's (word's greatest fruit market) and then went to my parents' house for the kids to play on the inflatable water slide. I think they did it for about 4 hours - literally. Followed by some pool time at home.

Today we went to church and came home and played outside. I went to the gym and had a great workout and spent some time with my friend, Frank. I came home and played outside (in the pool,of course) with the boys. I'm watching a wonderful veggi-tales movie now and Sara is out spending some time with her friend, Layla.

Liam has learned how to swing on the swing himself and Colin is not far behind. I love my family and I'm looking forward to my 4th boy, Jude, being born very soon.

He's due in 3 days. Please join me in praying for him to come asap.

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