Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ecclesiastes 2 – Interesting passage. He tried everything this world has to offer, but still found it all meaningless. On top of that , Solomon was the richest, wisest man ever, so he had resources I could hardly imagine. It just struck me that he even names wisdom as one of those meaningless endeavors. I've been very focused on wisdom over the last year or so. That's a good thing, but like I preached just last week, the only real thing to rejoice in is that my name is written in the Lamb's book of life.

Wisdom might help me and even help others I am responsible to lead, but it won't save my soul from hell, nor will it be the standard by which I am judged someday. There will still be a day when Jesus separates the "sheep and the goats" based completely on what they (we) did and did not do.

Side note: I cannot speak or write of this concept without Keith Green's "sheep and the goats" playing in my head - great song, but somewhat creepy that it plays automatically in my head :)

So how do I reconcile the meaninglessness of it all? I look at it like this. My quest for wisdom as of late, while a good and worthwhile endeavor (except for how meaningless it is), is not the end game for me. Perhaps I've made the quest for wisdom the goal when all it's there for is to be a tool to get me to the goal. I think I'll write about the goal tomorrow.

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