Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I need some wisdom

There is a situation my leadership team and I need to deal with today and I'm not sure what to do yet. We'll be meeting this morning to pray and discuss the situation. I'm so thankful that God has placed me in a position to help mold and shape young lives and young leaders into Godly men and women. That's a heavy responsibility however. Please pray with me today that we can sufficiently challenge this person without breaking their spirit in the process. There is such a fine line in those situations.

The deeper I go into leadership, the more clouded the waters appear to be. Oh how easy it was to "lead" when all I had to do was criticize others from afar :) Seriously, it's very tough work and I would not trade it for all the world. I am so honored that God has entrusted me with a hand in shaping the next generation (and I'm sure the greatest generation to date) of leaders for this world.

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